Zoo Trivia

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Time to show your knowledge of animals! How many do you know? Can you spell them correctly? Dozens of animals are waiting for you. Mammals, Dogs, Cats, Fish, Insects and a host of others!

Fill in the correct letters to guess the names of the animals depicted.

The letters are filled in from left to right (from the first to the last).

You can delete filled letters. Each set consists of five animals. Complete them at the given time to unlock the next set.

There are 3 types of tips to help you.
Tip 1 - fill in and lock one correct letter. This tip is the cheapest.
Tip 2 - check the completed letters, delete incorrectly and lock correctly.
Tip 3 - fill in the full name. The most expensive tip.

Use them wisely!

You can get a tip menu by completing level sets and daily challenges.