World Trivia

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Where to go to be served a poisonous fish? Show off your true knowledge of our world and find places you wouldn't believe exist. Gigantic monuments, mysterious ruins, untouched nature and whole cities crafted by engineers of cutting-edge technology. Could you spell them correctly? Over time, it gets harder and harder but don't worry! An elegant hint system is here to help you on your journey full of discoveries.

Fill in the correct letters to guess the names of things and places in the pictures.

The letters are being filled from left to right (from first to last).

You can remove filled letters. Each set consists of five questions. Complete it in the given time and gain stars to unlock the next set.

There are 3 kinds of hints to help you:
Hint 1 - fill in and lock one correct letter. This hint is the cheapest.
Hint 2 - check filled letters, erase wrong and lock the right ones.
Hint 3 - fill in the whole name. Most expensive hint.

Use them wisely!

You can get the hint currency by completing level sets and daily challenges.