Pizza Ninja Mania

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Pizza ingredients are juggling the air, ninja chopping skills are needed! Customers need to be served quickly and they also love your shows. So grab a knife and do your job! Play each mode and beat your own score! New types of bonuses are also waiting for you!

Goal of the game:
Chop all the ingredients!
In endless arcade mode, last as long as possible. Don't miss the glowing bonus ingredients.
Stay in the Bleskovka mode for as long as possible. If you drop three ingredients, the game ends.
In Belt mode, only chop the ingredient that is on the far left of the belt.
In Timer mode, collect as many points as possible within the time limit. The watch gives you extra seconds.
Memory mode will show you what to mow at the beginning. Remember the ingredients and chop the exact number.
Can you win the gold cup?
Whatever you do, don't chop any bombs!